Jill's Yoga in Thanet



After the Easter break studio classes

will be back on

from Monday April 25th 


plus Zoom sessions on  Thursdays


joining a live class from my studio


Thursdays 9.30-10.45am


Thursdays 7-8.15pm 


e-mail me to be added to the list of Zoom invitees.





                                    ABOUT ME

I offer small, nurturing yoga classes in Cliftonville and Minnis Bay. Teaching from my garden studio in Palm Bay and in the URC hall in Minnis Bay.


The kind of yoga that I teach is suitable for anyone who wants to nurture awareness and a deeper connection with their body. It will  improve your posture, range of movement and  general well-being. It takes commitment, patience, attentiveness, imagination, curiosity and playfulness.


I can't fix you, but I can show you the path to change.


It is hard to pigeon-hole my style of yoga as it is ever evolving. 

I am inspired by the different teachers I have encountered on my journey: Jenny Beeken, Sophie Hoare, John Stirk, Monica Voss, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Anodea Judith, Marc Woolford, Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten. My current teacher is Diane Long who was a student of Vanda Scaravelli for decades.


I trained with the Inner Yoga Trust so 'inner yoga' is an apt description; it is  profoundly influenced by the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli. The movements are small and subtle and take us deep within our bodies, we evolve into postures rather than mimicking shapes. 


It is always the best of what I am practicing right now. It's not easy to describe so I advise people to try it and see if they like it; yoga styles and teachers are a truly personal choice.


You can come to Gentle or General Yoga classes, or book a 121  session(s) to meet your body's needs. Classes are suitable for beginners and you can practice at your own level as postures can be adapted to suit all abilities.


Yoga has been my guide for over 20 years, I have been teaching for over 10 years. Yoga is a dedicated practice and I follow my teachers all around the world getting as close to the source as I can.


'You get the teacher you deserve.', Jenny Beeken


What people say about Jill’s Yoga:




"I enjoy the lessons and find that they sort out any aches and pains."




"Such a lovely session tonight, you are very intuitive and kind Jill, I really appreciated it. My feet, back and legs feel a million times better. Thank you so much."


"Jill is a fantastic teacher. Inner Yoga is gentle but very effective –I love it!"


"I have tried a great number of classes, both in London and Thanet, and this is the most enjoyable and exhilarating!"


"The best yoga class I’ve come across. Really effective on all levels."